Single Review: Lindsay Lohan “First”

Album: Herbie: Fully Loaded Soundtrack/Speak
Year: 2005

Lindsay Lohan badgers her boyfriend and demands his full attention in the overbearing “First.”

A stylish, clean-cut guitar begins the single. While she and her boyfriend are ready to leave his house, she spots another girl walking to his home. She jumps down her boyfriend’s throat and gives him the the third degree: asking him who the girl is, why she’s there, etc. She assumes it’s an ex-girlfriend and yells at him to go talk to her. She threatens to bitch the girl out if he doesn’t. (“Is that someone you used to date/Why she’s hanging around here, what’s her story/Doesn’t she know that it’s too late/That the party is over and the car is for me/Why don’t you tell her what’s been going on/Cuz she seems to be dreaming instead of just leaving/If you don’t have the heart to fill her in/Then just step aside and let me lay it on the line.”)

In the pre-chorus she says she’s his girlfriend now and he won’t be speaking to any of girls without her permission. (“Cuz your mine/And tonight you don’t revolve around her/You’re mine
And this time I’m gonna scream a little louder.”)

In the chorus, she says doesn’t want to follow him around like a puppy dog as she seen other girls do. She gets excited when she hangs out with him. She wants to be the only girl in his life and his top priority. (“Don’t wanna be like/Every other girl in the world/Like every other one who wants you/Cuz when I see you something inside me burns/then I realize I wanna come first/
I wanna come first.”)

Whenever he glances her way, she melts. She’s not the obsessive harpy in all her relationships. It’s the first time she’s been like this with anyone. Before, she let the guy have some space and trusted him. (“You look at me and I just die/Its like heaven arriving in my mind/
And I can’t believe all this jealousy/I used to be a girl who could let a guy breathe.”)

However since she’s dating a guy she thought was unattainable and totally hot, she has to make sure his eyes stay on her. She’s going to snap at him every time he attempts to talk another girl. (“But your mine/And tonight you revolve around me/You’re mine/And this time I’m gonna get a little louder.”)

Lohan ekes out two long, tuneless “first’s” before starting the bridge.

Underneath hyper drums, Lohan’s vocals become polished and computerized. She doesn’t want to pretend to be the like the girls he’s normally flirts with. She wants to remember dating the hottest guy in school as a fun and status-climbing experience. (“Don’t wanna be like every girl who’s tried to get you/I wanna be the one who’s never sorry that she met you.”)

The stylish, clean-cut guitars as Lohan declares that she’s his only concern in life from now on. (“I wanna come first/I wanna come first. Hey!”)

The chorus ends the single.

Lohan is insecure and combative in the tyrannical “First.” Her girlfriends as well as the other girls are competition for her. It’s as though she thinks he could break up with her once he realizes he is just like the girls he dates. She also seems to have lofty expectations for the relationship which may be why she’s intent on keeping him.


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