Single Review: Mazzy Star “Fade Into You”

Fade Into You
Album: So Tonight That I Might See
Year: 1993

Hope Sandoval, lead singer of Mazzy Star, seeks to reach her withdrawn lover in the piercing “Fade Into You.”

A helpless guitar strums then moans, setting a restless tone. Sandoval yearns to touch the part of him he won’t let her know. She turns to him for understanding. But his face is blank and unreadable. He lives his life as though she wasn’t in it. He disappears without her knowing. He’ll cry and self-destruct. When he returns, he’s cold and stony. His depression has obscured the spark which once flared in his eyes. (“I want to hold the hand inside you/I want to take a breath that’s true/I look to you and I see nothing/I look to you to see the truth/You live your life/You go in shadows/You’ll come apart and you’ll go black/Some kind of night into your darkness/
Colors your eyes with what’s not there.”)

Although he can’t see it, her self-worth is vanishing as she wallows in her own depression. She’s puzzled as to why. (“Fade into you/Strange you never knew/Fade into you/I think it’s strange you never knew.”)

He takes time to brighten and shed his grim demeanor. He is void of love and numb from his pain. However, he feels most alive when he is melancholy. He has grown fond of the tears. (“A stranger’s light comes on slowly/A stranger’s heart without a home/You put your hands into your head/And then smiles cover your heart.”)

Sandoval realizes that he was self-absorbed in his troubles to pay little notice to hers. (“I think it’s strange you never knew.”)

Sandoval is affected by her lover’s pain in the amazing single. She thinks it’s ironic at first that he though she wouldn’t be able to understand. But by the end he has swallowed her whole, leaving only her bones to pick on later. His depression is now her own which she resents him for.


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