Single Review: Pussycat Dolls “Don’t Cha”

Don’t Cha
Album: N/A (Untitled)
Year: 2005

According to, the Pussycat Dolls were created by choreographer Robin Antin in 1993. By 2003, the burlesque act been seen by people in Hollywood nightclubs and featured such guest appearances as Carmen Electra and Christina Aguilera. Antin then decided to bring the show to Vegas and create a music group.

Lead singer Nicole Kea (formerly of Popstars’ Eden Crush) believes she’s god gift to men in the narcisstic “Don’t Cha.”

Fusty keyboards and a latin guitar accompany Kea as she moans “ahhs” and “baby.” She then says “dolls.” She declares that instinctively she knows that a certain guy likes her for her skimpy clothes-wearing ho, er, Pussycat Doll status. She boldly flirts with a guy who’s girlfriend is nearby. She’s proud of herself when his girlfriend acts insecure around her, knowing she has the guy nearly stolen from her. Her boyfriend wants to nail her now. (“I know you like me (I know you like me)/I know you do (I know you do)/Thats why whenever I come around/She’s all over you (she’s all over you)/I know you want it (I know you want it)/It’s easy to see (it’s easy to see)/And in the back of your mind/I know you should be f****** me (babe.”)

Kea tempts him by putting down his girlfriend. She says his girlfriend is boring, mousy, and modest. But she’s an exbitionist sexual, hot, and rough — the girl he wants to have. (“Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?/Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?/
Don’t cha/Don’t cha/Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me?/Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me?/Don’t cha/Don’t cha.”)

She’s a manipulative tease. She pulls back once he starts to kiss her. She tells him that unless he’s in love with her, she’s not breaking up with her boyfriend. She tells him she wants to be friends. She says he can’t have her now. His girlfriend isn’t going to want him in an open relationship. (“Fight the feeling (fight the feeling)/Leave it alone (leave it alone)/Cause if it ain’t love/It just ain’t enough to leave my happy home (my happy home)/Let’s keep it friendly (let’s keep it friendly)/You have to play fair (you have to play fair)/See I don’t care/But I know/
She ain’t gonna wanna share.”)

In the bridge, she says they could’ve been a great couple. But she can only be his friend. She’s hot, entertaining, and the center of attention. Of course he would be attracted her! (But only after playing upon both his and her girlfriend’s feelings for kicks.) (“I know I’m on your mind/I know we’d have a good time/I’m your friend/I’m fun/And I’m fine/I ain’t lying/Look at me shine/
You ain’t blind (you ain’t blind)/I know I’m on your mind….you ain’t blind.”)

Kea’s also two-faced. She puts on the innocent act and becomes empathetic towards his girlfriend. She says it’s his girlfriend love for him that won’t let her date him. She continues to say if things were different, maybe they would be together. She takes back “just friends” excuse. She says is full of so much love for him that she can’t possibly be friends with him. (“I know she loves you (I know she loves you)/So I understand (I understand)/I probably be just as crazy about you/If you were my own man/Maybe next lifetime (maybe next lifetime)/Possibly (possibly)/Until then no friend possibly/Is a drag for me.”)

The chorus ends the single.

There is not one admirable quality that Kea has in the ruthless “Don’t Cha.” She’s a vile, attention-seeking woman in the single who likes to toy with men because she can. She makes it a point to go after men who have girlfriends to up her self-esteem. She then insults their girlfriend, thinking she is better than them. She ensnares the men who are willing to cheat and then plays the coy card.


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