Single Review: S Club 7 “Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For You”

Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For You
Album: Seeing Double
Year: 2003

Love will rush when Jo O’Meara’s crush least expects it in the smashing “Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For You.”

Sparkling disco strings open the single, setting a wholesome afterhours tone. O’Meara adlibs a “yeah” and then begins the first verse. She says that once the butterflies flutter and excitement of love start, he will be unable to resist the emotion. Also, when he’s aware that there’s a possibility of a future. She advises him not to run from it but to embrace it. (“When your heartbeat’s taken over/And there’s nowhere you can go/And the love that you discover/
Has finally taken hold/When it feels like the beginning/And the story will unfold/There’s a time to take your chances/Don’t be scared of the unknown, oh.”)

In the pre-chorus, she says love is an unyielding emotion and she’s eager to know what he’s capable of. (“‘Cause you can’t fight it, don’t deny it/Love is stronger than each other/Show me baby what you’re gonna do.”)

In the chorus, she tells him whether or not he ignores it, the feeling is going to eventually take over him. It’s positive and he’ll realize that it’s real. (“‘Cause love ain’t gonna wait for you/Don’t run, don’t hide/Love ain’t gonna wait for you/It’s so good, so right/Love ain’t gonna wait for you/
You know when it’s true/Love ain’t gonna wait for you.”)

The dance beat swirls then fades and returns again for the next verse.

She desires him to be hers or asks him to hug her. She wants to be his one and only and is ready to start their relationship. (“So baby hold me, bring me closer/Be the one I give my all/
Please don’t wait for a minute longer/Till you finally give your heart, oh.”)

In the bridge, O’Meara voices her opinion and tells her boyfriend to say “I love you” to her right now. (“I can’t hold back what I’m thinking/Don’t you tell me that I’m dreaming/You know that there’s something you should do.”) The word “do” is repeated several times.

The chorus ends the single.

O’Meara is warm and assertive. Other singers may have taken a bossier tone but she gently tells him to reveal his feelings. Another modern disco gem from S Club 7.


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