Single Review: Wayne Wonder “No Letting Go”

No Letting Go
Album: No Holding Back
Year: 2003

Wayne Wonder is dating a loyal woman for a couple years. He thanks her for treating him well in the deriative “No Letting Go.”

Slithery keyboard beats begin the single which Wonder then awkwardly “whoa-oh oh’s.” He brags about his girlfriend. She’s pretty and a one in a million. She makes sure his needs are met. He enjoys her company and wishes to spend the rest of his life with her. (“Got somebody she’s a beauty/Very special really and truly/Take good care of me like it’s her duty/Want you right by my side night and day.”)

At the chorus, the now-cliche Steven “Lenky” Marsden sample, “Diwali riddim” is sampled.
Wonder says that he’s open and vulnearble towards her. He has fun with her and relieved the previous drama they experienced is done. (“No letting go no holding back/Because you are my lady/When I’m with you its all that/Girl I, am so glad we’ve made it/No letting go no holding back/No holding back no/When I’m with you it’s all that/All that.”)

The “Diwali riddim” sticks around, wearing out its welcome by the end of the second verse. Wonder has heard people relationships do not last forever. However, he’s certain he will remain with her. He cheated on her with two women and upset her in the past. But he was younger then and didn’t know what a good woman he had. (“They say good things must come to an end
But I’m optimistic about being your friend/Though I made you cry by my doings/With Keisha and Anisha but that/Was back then.”)

After the chorus, the “Diwali riddim” is put on mute for the first two lyrics of the bridge. It’s not long enough. Wonder summarizes the first verse in three sentences: he’s thankful for her, they’ve had some problems which they solved, and he loves her. (“Really appreciate you loving me/After all that we’ve been through/Really appreciate you loving me/All time, time.”)

The first verse is sung again. The chorus is repeated several times to close the single.

The unvarying beats of “No Letting Go” drag the single down. With or without the sample, the single would be a unoriginal, cheap party song. But the single relies too heavily on the overused sample, giving a sense of deja vu. The one positive aspect is Wonder’s voice glides onto the sample like ice cream on the tongue.


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