Single Review: Brooke Valentine, Lil’ Jon & Big Boi “Girlfight”

Album: Chain Letter
Year: 2005

Brooke Valentine bullies another girl for simply talking about her in the bloodthirsty “Girlfight.”

Valentine whispers a fight is going to happen between her and another girl. Lil’ Jon and Big Boi (from Outkast) egg her on. (“It’s about to be a girlfight/She really know/Brook Valentine/
Uh huh uh huh/Big Boi/A lil Jon!/It’s about to be a what!/Girlfight!”)

A gruff, droning beat follows as she says that she’s going throw her elbows and swing her arms in the fight. (“We bout to throw dem bows/We bout to swang dem thangs…There’s about to be a what? Girlfight!”)

Valentine says the other girl has been gossiping about her. It’s seems the girl is spreading a secret of Valentine’s which she may not want her crush to find out. Valentine acts above the gossiping as though as she’s angelic. Except she forgot the part where’s she’s a bitch. Valentine threatens if the girl’s best friend gets involved, she will get her butt kicked, too. She mocks the girl for acting just like her, essentially. She claims the other girl is talking trash but can’t back up her words. (“There she go talkin’ her mess/All around town makin’ me stress/I need to get this off my chest/And if her friend want some then she’ll be next/It really ain’t that complicated/
Y’all walking round looking all frustrated/Want some plex come on let’s make it/
Ya acting real hard but I know ya fakin'”)

Valentine says she is actually tough and the girl is just asking for the fight. She’s tells the other girl she’s going to get punched right in the mouth. (“Know you really don’t wanna step to dis/Really don’t know why you talkin’ s****/You ’bout to catch one right in the lip/It’s about to be a what? Girlfight!”).

In the second verse, Valentine and her friends drive to her house and shout at her from outside. They scream at her to get outside and don’t bother trying to gather her friends and cousin. The girl’s friends and cousin will support Valentine, not her. She yells that the other girl is going to get knocked unconcious. Hey, Valentine harassment is illegal. Juvie would be such a great place for her. (“We on our way to ya neighborhood/The reason why we comin’ is understood/Me and my girls we down to ride/So when you hear us pull up bring ya butt outside/And if you try to call ya cousin and nem/Don’t forget that I got some of dem/’Bout to go real hard ’bout to swang dem thangs/’Bout to feel elbows all in ya brain.”)

Big Boi is relishing the fact the fight is over him. He comments the girls are on the dance floor, pulling hair and fake nails off. The other girl is his girlfriend. Valentine is the other woman. First, he wants to get security to end the fight. Then, his hormones kick in and he gets turned on by it. He decides to watch them instead. (“Oh snap these b***** they act like cats/In the middle of the dance floor now they preparing to scrap/They takin’ out their scrunchies and pullin’ off their press ons/The one on the right is the girlfriend and the one the left is the other woman/Someone please call security/These girls too purty/To get down to the nitty t****/I mean the nitty gritty/
I mean her t**** pretty/I’m trippin’/Being silly willy/Man go on let them hos fight.”) Big Boi’s appearance is horrible and below him. Big Boi does not have to slum it anymore.

The last verse ends the single. Valentine taunts the other girl for staying inside her home instead of coming outside. The other girl is watching from the window, pretending she can’t hear them. (“Don’t act like you don’t know/We right outside yo door/See you peekin’ out the window/I know you ain’t talking noise no more.”)

Valentine talks at the end. She demands for the girl to meet them in her driveway and to stop acting like she’s not home. She says a fight is going to happen. (“Bitch come outside/
Don’t act like you don’t see me/I know you heard me pullin’ up uh/Come outside, uh, come outside, uh/We down to ride/It’s about to be a… Girlfight!”)

Valentine is one of those girls in high school who will say a she’ll kick your ass if you tell her to shut up or look at her the wrong way. While Valentine enjoys making other girls’ lives miserable in high school and thinks she rules the school with an iron fist, she’s actually nothing. The unpleasant “Girlfight” shows Valentine to be nasty and selfish if another girl gets what she wants. The only way she knows how to get those things is through violence. It’s likely Valentine has any real friends. They are likely to be afraid of her, thus surrounding herself with “yes-girls.”


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