Single Review: Chingy, Ludacris & Snoop Dogg “Holidae Inn”

Holidae Inn
Album: Jackpot
Year: 2003

Chingy, Ludacris, and Snoop Dogg hang out at the hotel to have sex with groupies and drink in the hedonistic “Holidae Inn.”

Smutty keyboards start the single and accompany Snoop Dogg, who’s leering at the woman already inside the room. (“Bomb a**…Ma ooh you got that bomb, know you got it…Ma I know you got that bomb bomb…”)

In the chorus, the groupie asks in a pouty voice what are they doing now, who’s there, and what the plans are for later. Snoop responds they are relaxing there with friends. Snoop asks her to invite four of her (hottest) friends. They are going to make out with each other, drink, and then sleep with the girls. The “(Whachu doin?) Nothing chillin at the Holidae Inn/(Who you wit?) Me and my peeps won’t you bring four of your friends/(What we gon’ do?) Feel on each other and sip on some Hen/One thing leading to another let the party begin.”)

The chorus is rapped again word for word except Chingy answers the girl’s questions.

Chingy found out the party was going on after Snoop called him. He told him to buy some drinks for everybody there. Chingy goes to the liquor store and samples some his purchases before he leaves. He had already drank at his home, meaning he’s above the legal limit and shouldn’t be driving. But he figures he’s a celebrity, has a hit single and getting killed or killing another person isn’t going to happen to him. Promoting drunk driving is dumb and irresponsible, Chingy. (“Peeps call me up said it’s a ho-tel party/Just bring the liquor it’s already eight shawties/I’m on my way (way) let me stop by the store/Get a 12 pack of Corona, plus an ounce of ‘dro, ya know?/Now I’m on Highway 270 to Natural Bridge Road/I’m already blowed, get there I’m a be be blowed some mo'”)

When he arrives at the hotel, Chingy savors the attention he receives from the valet and heads to room 490, where the party is being held. While on the elevator, he invites three starstruck girls. They recongnize him and one asks if he’s been on BET before. Chingy brags it was him. (“Pulled up, stop parked, rims still spinning/Valet look like he in the game and must be winning/To room 490 I’m headed, on my way up/There’s three girls on the elevator like “wassup”/I told ’em follow me they knew I had it cracking B/One said “ain’t you that boy that be on BET?”/”Ya that’s me, Ching-a-ling equipped wit much ding-a-ling.”)

He walks in and is immediately offered some Hennessey to drink. However, he feels like passing out after the drinking he has been doing all day. He notice the girls and thinks they are hot. The girls drool over the fact he’s famous. He wants to sleep with all of girls. (“Knock on the door I’m on the scene of things/Busted in, Henny bottle to the face!/…feel like my head a toxic waste/There’s some pretty girls in herre, I heard em whispering/Talking bout “that’s that dude that sing ‘Right Thurr’ he glistening”/I ain’t come to talk (talk) I ain’t come to sit (sit)/What I came for was to find out who I’m gon hit…”)

In the next pornographic verse, Chingy has sex with one of the girls in the bathroom. The girl right away asks if this means she can be in his next video. Chingy answers yes, considering the lying will only benefit him. (“…I took a chick in the bathroom seeing what’s poppin…The girl said “can I be in yo video” I’m like “yeah!”, “oh really?”…She gave me a reason to be a damn heathen..”)

Multiple scatalogical references abound to both women’s and his body parts in the mostly unprintable third verse. Ludacris boasts he’s on a song with one of rap’s best, Snoop Dogg. He then says he got his part done in a single take (which is doubtful.) Ironically, Ludacris raps naturally in time with the beat.(” For shizzle dizzle, I’m on a track with the Big Snoop Dizzle/
Let the Henny trickle, down the beat, wit a ghetto tempo/I done blazed the instrumental, laid it plain and simple..”) Ludacris’ part is innuendo and double entendres. Compared to Snoop and Chingy’s sections, he’s soft.

Snoop Dogg has the outro. He namechecks Chingy, calling him his friend and summarizes the chorus. (“Yeah, let the party begin, b****/Ching-a-ling Ling, all the way in St. Louis/
My n**** Chingy, Disturbing Tha Peace…Yeah b****, bring four of ya friends/Meet me at the Holidae Inn…We gon’ disturb the peace right now/Yeah we ain’t doing nothing but chillin
We chillin’ and nuttin’/Know what I’m talking bout, so push the button…”) Snoop Dogg treats the single like his older gangsta songs. Except the threatening is out of place and reeks of posturing.

The blue “Holidae Inn” glamorizes hedonism as something which does not has consequences. Chingy considers it a perk and part of being a celebrity. Snoop Dogg encourages it while Ludacris is there for the ride. The single is raunchy to appear cool. However, it reveals that Chingy is not that smart (bringing a video camera to the party is a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen, drinking until he can’t anymore.) and Ludacris is rather fixated on body parts.


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