Single Review: Michael Jackson “One More Chance”

One More Chance
Album: Number Ones
Year: 2003

Michael Jackson pleads for the public’s…er, his girlfriend’s forgiveness in the unconvincing “One More Chance.”

Atoning strings praise and bow as Jackson “uh huh alright’s.”

He says to his girl….Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! (I can’t even type the word with a straight face.)
Anyway, he says it’s gonna be a person and he needs to have fame in order to survive.. He adds he’s crying all the time and has have the public’s attention again. He tells his friend, Chris Tucker, to pass along the his apology. (“This time gonna do my best to make it right/Can’t go on without you by my side/Hold on/Shelter come and rescue me out of this storm/And out of this cold I need someone/Oh why oh why why why/If you see her/tell her this from me/All I need is.”)

He wants another chance to gain back the public’s trust. (“One more chance at love/One more chance at love/(One more)/One more chance at love/One more chance at love/
(See)/(One more)/One more chance at love…(Alright)/One more chance at love.”)

He’s been looking to his fans to give him his self-worth. Through them, he will discover the meaning of life..and stuff. He has a big, gray rain cloud over his head due to his pain of not being as beloved post-HIStory. (“Searching for that one who is going to make me whole/Help me make these mysteries unfold/Hold on/Lightning about to strike in rain only on me/Hurt so bad sometimes it’s hard to breathe/Oh why why/If you see her/Tell her this from me/All I need is.”)

He would do anything to have the same level of fame he had during the “Thriller” era. He will hold press conferences, smear a little boy, and fake sickness. Fame is as necessary as water. (“And I would walk around this world to find her/And I don’t care what it takes no/Why/
I’d sail the seven seas to be near her/And if you happen to see her/See tell her this from me.”)

The phrase “one more chance” with adlibs is repeated an astounding 20 times. It’s an all-time record.

“So,” as you sit and read my blog, thinking “why is Dusk so biting tonight?” I can’t believe Jackson in a romantic relationship with a woman or even an adult man, for that matter. I also believe “One More Chance” is Jackson trying to gain sympathy after the scatching and telling Bashir documentary. Unfortunately, his persona eclipses the music circa 1993. In turn, his behavior is fair game.


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