Single Review: Mya “Fallen”

Album: Moodring
Year: 2004

Mya’s new relationship blossoms into love in the dreamy “Fallen.”

Summery guitars and record scratching open the single. Over floating strings, Mya adlibs “oh, yeah, huh oh.”

She has found a guy who fills a void inside her. He’s as necessary to her as breathing. When she hugs him, her problems fade. She’s in love with him and wants to tell everyone she knows about it. She met him by chance. (“You complete me/Like air and water boy/I need thee
And when I’m in your arms I feel free/Fallen/My heads up in the clouds in love/I’m proud/To you say it loud/Like an accident it happend/Out of nowhere/It just happend/And I ain’t mad at all/Because I’ve.”)

In the chorus, she says she’s fallen on the floor and can’t get up! The emergency: spontaneous swooning She turns off her Life Alert products and continues to relish her emotions. (“Fallen/Head over heels/I’ve fallen/In love with you/I’ve fallen/And I can’t get up
Don’t wanna get up/Because of love (Because of love)/Fallen…because of love.”)

She knows she has a keeper. For the time being, she’s dealing with his annoying habits and trying to get a commitment out of him. (“Baby/To let you get away is crazy (Let you get away)/
so I’m doing what it takes/To make you pledge your love to me/You see cause I’m tryna be your lady/For ever and ever baby/The picture wouldn’t be the same/If you weren’t standing next to me/Can’t you see I’m fallen.”)

They are compatible and she notes she’s not using him to show off to her friends. She knows he wouldn’t abuse or harm her in anyway. He puts up with her quirks which she appreciates. He’s the highlight of her day. (“You complement me/Not an accesory/You’re necessary/
You never could speak bad words against me/Your bear with me/Security/Are you here with me/Your my happiness/My joy (Joy)/And all because of you boy/I look forward to the time
I spend with you/Whatever it is we do.”)

In the sensual bridge, Mya whispers to him, telling him to touch, hold, kiss and love her. (“Touch me (Touch me)/Hold me (Hold me)/Love me (Love me)/Kiss me/In love with you
Talk to me (Talk to me)/Caress me (Oh)/Play with me/Don’t wanna get up/Explore me/
You’re my everything.”

The chorus is sung four times to end the single.

Mya finally experiences adult love in the passionate “Fallen.” She has evolved from a bitter teenager singing about multiple failed romances to realizing what love really should be. However, it does falter. The lyrics “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” evoke laughter due to the 80s commercial. While it makes sense in context of the song, the phrase is associated with Life Alert and the funny old lady who fell onto the floor.


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