Single Review: Paulina Rubio “The One You Love”

The One You Love
Album: Border Girl
Year: 2002

Paulina Rubio wishes to be a confidante and cheerleader to her crush in the doting “The One You Love.”)

Not-too-exotic drums are strummed to begin the single. Rubio says she will be there to celebrate or comfort him in two redundant metaphors. If he needs someone talk to, she offers to listen day or night. She comments they have a lot in common and will be compatible. She won’t be a bitter person and drag him down. She’ll support him. (“when you’re on top of the world/Or it’s got you down/When you’re flying through the air/Or you’re crashing to the ground/When you’re searching for the light/And it’s nowhere to be found/Just phone me baby/And I know we’ll be the same/The air won’t tie you down/I won’t ever be the broken wings/That keep you off the ground/But when you start to see/I will be the sound/Just let me baby.”)

She wants to be his girlfriend. She wants to complete his life and be the girl he has been looking for. She’s willing to do whatever it takes for him to be hers. (“I only wanna be the one you love/I only wanna be the one you want/Come and get me baby/Let me loose inside your soul/I only wanna be your every need/I wanna be the girl in all your dreams/I’ll do anything to be/The one you love.”)

She tells him he can talk to her about any subject, including his darkest secrets. She won’t judge. She compliments him on his good looks. She adds she wants to reveal everything about herself to him. She’ll be an open book. (“Baby you can tell me everything/The secrets of your heart/If you could look inside of me/You’d see how beautiful you are/I wanna show you everything/Each and every part of me is yours/Just take it baby.”)

The guitar soars and whirls in the bridge. Rubio says she wants to be the girl who wants to get to know emotionally and physically. (“Let me be the lover/You want to uncover/Let me be the one you love.”) After some pushy guitars, Rubio’s become fuzzy as she exclaims “hey baby.”

The chorus is repeated four times to end the single.

The cozy “The One You Love” finds the Latin-American Paulina Rubio aiming to break into the United States. While she has a grasp of English language, her material needs to have a flair to it. “The One You Love” is a pleasant but ordinary listen.


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