Single Review: S Club 7 “Say Goodbye”

Say Goodbye
Album: Best
Year: 2003

Jo, Rachel, Hannah, Tina, Jon, and Bradley bid farwell to their fans in the soggy “Say Goodbye.”

Lonesome strings start the single which Jo “oh yeah’s” over. She asks if people will remember their television show and music videos. She wonders if they will be thought as a fun, spontaneous band. Then, Jon tells the fans that it had to end eventually and everyone is going their seperate ways. (“In the years to come/Will you think about these moments that we shared/In years to come/Are you gonna think it over/And how we lived each day with no regrets/Nothing lasts forever though we want it to/The road ahead holds different dreams for me and you.”)

In the chorus, she says goodbyes are tough but necessary. Jo says she’ll miss the fans and reassures them. (“Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts in your heart/is the only way for destiny/
Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts/is the only way now for you and me/Though it’s the hardest thing to say/I’ll miss your love in every way/So say goodbye/But don’t you cry/Cos true love never dies.”)

Next, Rachel says they may regret a fight they had with someone within the group.
Tina says they might run into each other in the pouring rain. Bradley adds that it’s fate for them to be split up. However, he would opt to stay together. (“In a year from now/Maybe there’ll be thing we’ll wish we’d never said/In a year from now/Maybe we’ll see each other/Standing on the same street corner though it rains/Each and every end is always written in the stars/If only I could stop the world/I’d make this last.”)

In the bridge, Jo says they will remain close friends and be there for each other. (“And when you need my arms to run into/I’ll come for you/Nothing will ever change the way I feel.”)

The appoproiate “Say Goodbye” covers all the PR bases: the split wasn’t something they wanted to happen, they’ll be BFF forever, they wish they hadn’t fought, etc. Unfortunately, it’s a calculated farewell to maintain a positive image of the band.


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