Single Review: Teena Marie “Lovergirl”

Album: Starchild
Year: 1984

Teena Marie hits on a guy in the roguish “Lovergirl.”

Teena Marie “Whoa-eee’s” over animated guitars to open the single, leading into a long synthesizer and drum machine solo. She’s forward, if a bit self-concious when she uses her pick-up line. She admits it’s a lame way to start a conversation. However, she sensed signals indicating his interest in her. (“Coffee, Tea or Me Baby/ Touche’/My opening line might be a bit passe but/don’t think that I don’t know/what it’s doing to me/cause I got a vibe on you/ the first time you saw me”)

In the pre-chorus, she promises not to be one of those dramatic girlfriends and that she absolutely has to have him. She heard through one of her friends he likes her. She adds she’s honest and loyal. (“I need your love, and I won’t bring no pain/a little birdie told me that you feel the same/I’m for real, and for you I’m true blue/Let’s make a deal, sugar, all I want to do is/Be your one and only lover.”)

In the chorus, she says she wants to the woman he loves for all time and changes his life forever. (“I just want to be your Lovergirl/I just want to rock your world.”) The phrase “rock your world” has been around that long?

In the second verse, she says another line. She comments it’s old-fashioned phrase. She’s well aware of her feelings. It was love at first sight for her. (“Hook, line, and sinker baby/That’s how you caught me/My second verse might be a/bit old hat but/don’t think that I don’t know what/I’m feeling for you/cause I got a vibe on you the first/time you saw through me.”)

After the chorus, Teena Marie sings a hearty “hey-yayayay!” as the electric guitar has flashy solo. Then, the chorus is sung again.

A subdued keyboard appears in the bridge while the drum machines and guitar have a lively good time.

She gets seductive as she coyly dances close to him. The synthesizer beeps every three lines. (“Baby, let me groove you/Let me groove into your love/I just want to be your Lovergirl/let me groove into you/let me rock your world/I just want to be your lovergirl/I just want to rock your world/baby, me let me smooth you/let me smooth into your world/I just want to be your lovergirl/let me prove it to you/let me rock your world/I just want to rock your world.”)

The first verse is sung in a staccato tone, which works amazingly well. She gracefully slides down the notes and doesn’t parrot them like a robot.

At the end of the song, Teena Marie has a spoken section. She says “when the push comes to shove/when you need a little love/let me put some rock into your world/call me up, don’t be shy/my love won’t make you cry/I just want to be your girl.”

The influential “Lovergirl” has elements of freestyle, which would later show up in Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam and Expose’s music. Marie’s brash, sly vocals also bring emotion to the otherwise average lyrics. As an early, post-disco dance song, it’s an excellent listen.


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