Single Review: Allure & Nas “Head Over Heels”

Head Over Heels
Album: Allure
Year: 1997

Allure has fallen hard for her crush but doesn’t know if he feels the same way in the sprightly “Head Over Heels.”

Pulsating keyboards and drums open the single. Nas immediately promotes the (defunct)super rap group, The Firm and the producers of the song (The Trackmasters), his nickname (Escobar) and the group (Allure.) Nas then enters a club, wine bottles in hand. He works in the band’s name and turns into slang for being intoxicated. The club is full of people. He’s a regular and recongnizes some people. He eyes an girl and tries to figure out her ethnicity. He asks his friend for some marijuana so he can get high. He offers a girl a ride home in his fancy car. He hides his expensive tech gadgets. He then says he’ll call the girl. (“The Firm, Trackmasters, Escobar, Allure…Hey yo the bridge keep rocking./We’re coming through bottles popping/Allure when your album’s dropping/The place is packed/Many faces, there’s some I know and some know me/From buying cases, cash stacked, shorties peeping/Is she Puerto Rican or half-Black/Puff puff give I need to live./Please pass that so I could zone…It’s a crazy world let me drive you home. Let’s go/By the way the name is Esco/The platinum range makes your man know we wet those/If he front I got the tech close/To you much respect goes for going through/
Had to put it on you Allure you/You gotta leave I’ll call you/It’s been real.”)

The heavy bass from the intro and twinkling piano accompany Allure during the verses. When she’s around the guy, she is overcome with love. She can’t put it into words and she’s above the clouds. She wants to him to say he feels the same way and not to ignore his emotions. She wants to hear him say “would you be my girlfriend?” and pull her close to him. (“Boy I can’t understand it/See I’ve never really felt/Like I do when I’m around you baby/And I just can’t explain it/But I’m feeling so high/And I just can’t deny it’s on you/Tell me you want my love/
Baby please don’t deny/What you’re feeling inside/Say you’ve been thinking of/holding me, touching me/Feeling my every need.”)

In the chorus, she says it feels like love to her, although she’s not sure. All she knows is she wants him. (“Head over heels/It seems so real/I feel like I’m falling in love/I’m lost inside/
Of desire/Oh baby can’t you see?/I’m falling for you head over heels.”)

She wants some private time with him. Her hormones are jumping and she yearns to make out with him. (“Baby baby I’m longing/Just to have you to myself/I don’t want nobody else/Baby my body’s calling/Won’t you come get my love/Because I really need you so much/Tell me you want my love/What you’re feeling inside/So much in common/Holding me/Touching me/
Fulfilling my every need.”)

Nas has another rap. It turns out he’s the crush. Nas know it’s his swagger that attracted her to him. She’s been into guys like him all her life. She used to be wild and would do anything to capture from anyone in the neighborhood. However, she has since gone on to make something of herself. She now has a luxury car. She’s living with him now. Nas is going to announce to his fans that he’s taken during his concerts. (“I know you like the way that I act/You been around real cats all your life/Since the way back/You still got it/’Cuz you was turned out once/Guess you learned ain’t no future/With them burnt out stunts/Left the hood to get your own things/With home team pushing through/Watch your chrome gleam/Yeah you probably heard that my pipe game’s tight/Rocking VSS stones, powder blue whips…And crack the moon roof only for you to breathe/You get an extra set of keys/I tell the world/While I’m out on tour/Keep your hands off my girls Allure.”)

The chorus ends the single. Allure was Mariah Carey’s first band signed to her (defunct) label, Crave. “Head Over Heels” has Carey’s touch, from the overuse of Nas to the even the harmonization of the vocals. It’s a fine, well-sung single. However, Carey’s mistake of having Nas dominant the single hinders it a bit.